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Keep an eye on 5280 Armory's site
5280 Armory sometimes has some deals on ammo. I checked their site a couple of weeks ago and they had 200 rounds of .308 for $99 (7.62x51 Nato). Wal-Mart sells it for $14/20. They also had 7.62x54R at 440 rounds for $99. I picked up both. I have bought the 7.62x54R from them before. Decent ammo but dirty. I got the .308 also and it shoots great. I was slapping the gong and 500 yrds with no problem.
When you go to their site, click the "Specials" button.
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Never heard of them. Will give them a look. The past two day I tried to deliver two old school ammo crates filled with 7.62 with no luck. Who orders ammo and then goes on vacation????
Website is kind of lacking....

I'll have to swing by and check em out

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