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The Colorado Freedom Shoot ! June 29 & 30
Colorado Freedom Shoot
Join us in making a statement and come enjoy the Colorado Freedom Shoot being hosted at one of Colorado’s largest Public Shooting Ranges:

Pawnee Sportsmen’s Center: 40914 County Rd. 71, Briggsdale, CO. 80611

This may be the last of high capacity competitions in the State of Colorado where good law abiding citizens get to enjoy the freedoms afforded us in the United States of America the day before High Capacity Magazine laws take effect on July 1st. Some Colorado politicians have forsaken our nation’s values, sold themselves to out-of-state interests, and caved to party agenda while ignoring the good people of Colorado, sending jobs, revenues, and manufacturers to other states. An arbitrary number of rounds to be held in a magazine was plucked out of the air in a feel good measure “to do something” while ignoring real solutions to public safety for you & I and all other Colorado Residents. Make this last stand with fellow men & women and come “Get Some” at the Colorado Freedom Shoot. Incredible and very special people who support Freedom will be available for all to rub elbows with.

Swag & Give a Ways – Must be present to get Swag
High Capacity Magazine give-a-ways!
Ammunition give a ways!
…and Introducing the New dedicated LONG Range Engagement Rifle Range (1,000+ yrds)

Saturday June 29th
Handgun Competitions: From the Concealed Carry – Speed and Accuracy Drills. $50 Entry*

Speed Steel Challenge – 5rds/reload/5rds $5/Challenge

Carbine Competition: Defensive Engagement Drills using Steel & Paper Targets $50 Entry*

Long Range Competition: $50 Entry*
Mission Key Card with Sequenced Engagement of known distance steel targets

The Biden Challenge: $25 Guns & Ammo Included!
Lets follow our V.P’s advice! Shot gun it up and see how we all do on these drills.

MOD Armory Night Vision Shoot: $25 Guns & Ammo Included!
Compete for a $1,000 Certificate and other prizes by MOD Armory! Guns & Ammo included so show up, turn out, and step up to this awesome technology. Get demonstrations of all the gear beforehand and then shoot the actual system itself in good ol fashioned competitive spirit. Starts after dusk.

Sunday June 30th
4 Person Team Event: $160/Team
Teams will provide an individual per competitive evolution. Evolutions are “blind” challenges told to the competitors once the Team Member for that evolution has been selected. Scores are combined for the best overall Team. Events may include all or selections of Handguns, Carbines, and Long Range shooting challenges. 50% of entry goes to a CA$H purse for Top Team. Bring your Team to win!

Saturday & Sunday
High Capacity rentals!
If you have never shot a high capacity hand held firearm then this is the time to do it! We are working to have a variety of hand held high capacity firearms available for those who desire to shoot one and enjoy the thrill and pleasure of shooting sports. Its pay as you go based on ammunition consumption.

Also available on site: Trap, Skeet, & Sporting Clays

Bring the Family and make a day of it. Meet product vendors, manufacturers, and other Freedom loving citizenry. Some products will be available for demonstration and random swag give a ways throughout.
Show your family values for standing up and making your voices heard – start by using the 1st Amendment to support and protect the 2nd Amendment and we have asked a few freedom loving politicians ® to come and hear your concerns. Weld County Sheriff Cooke is confirmed he is coming - one of Colorado's outspoken Sheriffs who is part of the Federal Law Suit against the Colorado Law Makers & Magazine Ban.

Jim Erwin - Former Delta Force Operator & Security Professional is being sponsored by US Elite Gear. A real War Fighter and American Hero. He will be on hand and available throughout the event as well.

Directions: Pawnee Sportsmen’s Center: 40914 County Rd. 71, Briggsdale, CO. 80611
Pawnee Sportsmen’s Center is located north of Denver about 1.5hrs or east of Ft. Collins about 45 minutes. Found on the edge of the Rocky Mountains and the great Pawnee Grasslands these beautiful 1,800 acres are the perfect place to enjoy the shooting sports as a family & with friends.

Competitors: Handgun, Carbine, & Long Range Shooting is limited and capped as a first come first serve. If you’re going to shoot in all three there is a $20 discount on your entry fee total. All competitions will use the theme of Defensive Shooting formats which will include lower round counts, movement, and forced reloads. Safety Briefing and final event rules provided 9am on-site. A portion of the entry fees also go towards a CASH purse for first place only.

Handguns: Stock Self Defense Handguns in .38spl, 9mm, 10mm, .40Cal, & .45ACP -revolvers allowed but semi-autos will have the advantage. Holster carry along the waistline either inside the waist band or outside the waist band. Advised to have at least 3 extra magazines but only 2 required. Safe movement and a reload will be included in this competition. Competition will be at or less than 40rds. Sponsored by Executive Security International (ESI). The one of the oldest elite Bodyguard Academies in the Nation. If enough females are enrolled as participants we will have a dedicated female competition category.

Carbines: Defensive Carbine Configurations in .223 – 7.62. Optics or open sites. Have at least 2 extra magazines. Safe movement and a reload will be included in this competition. Competition will be at or less than 60rds. Sponsored by Evo Consulting & Operations you will have the opportunity to speak, learn, and play with operators who have real world knowledge & experience. Defensive shooting at its finest.

Long Range: Practical Shooting platforms (no Benchrest) .223 – 338. No tables – shooting from the prone, kneeling, with or without bipod, optics or open sites. One spotter allowed on the line with you but cannot be used as part of the shooting positioning. Competition will be at or less than 40rds. Competition is Sponsored by Thunder Beast Arms Corporation. - Suppressors & Long Range Specialists.

More Details, Sponsors, Personalities, and information will be updated. Please keep checking back regularly at for the latest and most up to date information packet (Printable PDF).

Meet the Sponsors (more to come!):

Pawnee Sportsmen’s Center – Host
Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply –Co-Host
US Elite Gear
Victory Defense Consulting – Co-Host & Coordinator
White Raven Communications – Coordinator & PR
“On America’s Frontlines of Crime & War” Internet Radio
Liberty Ammunition
Mac Rock Arms and Service
Geigerrig Hydration
Executive Security International (ESI) – Sponsoring the Handgun Competitions
AA Targets
Thunder Beast Arms Corporation – Sponsoring the Long Range Competition
CorBon Ammunition
MOD Armory – Sponsoring the Night Vision Demonstrations & Competition
Danner Boots
Evo Consulting & Operations – Sponsoring the Carbine Competition
Briggsdale County Shootist

Please share the word, bring the family and sign up for the events you want to participate in!

Victory Defense Consulting
Security Services, Guns, Gear, Ammo, Training, & Consulting Services

Follow us on FACEBOOK at Victory Defense Consulting by giving us a "Like".

Radio Host of "On America's Frontlines of Crime & War"
Tune in, Catch up on our past Radio Episodes
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Sounds great,I will come and check it out.

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