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Cheap but good hearing protection
Picked up these from harbor freight. $9.99, and listed as 34db reduction. They definitely block out more sound than the loaners from the ranges, and fold up nice to fit into my range bag. Pretty comfortable as well, again just comparing them to loaners.

Harbor Freight hearing protection
I've got some earplugs on the way that are 29NRR... at outdoor ranges I suspect that would be enough, but at an indoor range, I'll take as much hearing protection as I can get.

The sound levels from anything over a 22 can cause some hearing damage from just a single shot.
I always carry foam plugs and muffs , in some positions with certain rifles muffs get in the way and if some one shows up with something extremely loud( a certain 340 wby mag with muzzle brake comes to mind) I can double up and use both.
Those would be great to have for an extra pair for taking guest shooters to the range.
Yeah, I originally just bought these cheapos to hold me over until I could order some nicer ones... but after one trip to the range with them, they were more comfortable and more effective than the nicer ones I was planning on ordering. And they do collapse/fold up nicely to fit into the range bag.

I also picked up a couple pairs of full ansi safety glasses from Harbor Freight as well, $1.00 a pair on sale, I think they were regularly $1.99. I've since picked up some nicer ones, but the cheap harbor ones are better than any range loaners I've seen.
Don't skimp too much on your hearing. I always double up with 28+db plugs and either 21 or 26db electronics depending if I'm shooting a match or practicing. Indoors I'd use double with the highest I could find. I have 2 friends that are almost completely deaf, one is 70y/o the other 48. Both never used protection. If you shoot maybe once a year it might not be an issue but I try to shoot at least 2-4 times a month.
I bought a set of electronic active noise cancelling ones when Costco had them for ~$35, they have been fantastic.

It really helps when taking new shooters to the range, to be able to hear them talk (whether it be a question or an "oh crap" or "uh oh")
No skimping on the harbor freight ones... they are cheap, but higher noise reduction than a lot of the other nicer ones I've used.

I do want to find a set of the electronic ones.
Winchester makes electronic hearing protection on the cheaper side and walmart carries it. It's 30 bucks and they work pretty good. My only complaint over my more expensive pair of electronic muffs is AT&T cell phones make some noise come through when using them. I have a verizon cell and no issues with it till a friend with AT&T came over a few times and I finally figured out what it was.
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Speaking of cell phones, I tried out the ($10!?) Gunsonic app for the iPhone. Basically, you plug in your iphone headphones and put on standard cheapie muffs, and the iPhone mic picks up all audio and mutes the shots. Worked really well, although being of sound mind I used regular earbuds and clipped the phone on my belt. On the plus side, you hear your phone ring and can listen to music. On the down side, no more excuses for missing your wife's texts. :)

I had no idea decent electronic ones could be had for $30, I figured they were all $50 - $100.

Heard about the app on a podcast and couldn't resist.

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