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GMU 054 (Gunnison) Elk Hunting
[/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=medium] Has anyone had recent success elk hunting in Unit 54? If so, please provide some much needed words of wisdom for I have not faired to well. This will be my third year hunting that area and would like to bring some meat home. I have a tag for either sex, third rifle season versus second rifle (which I hunted the previous years). I will be hiking in daily, with a night or two of sleeping in the bush (pending weather). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Pray for snow, and follow the tracks! Or so I hear.

Sorry I'm not of any actual use.
Yes - Snow would be a welcome change from last year. We were hunting in 60-65 degrees for highs in October! Needless to say, there was no snow on the ground.
Yeah we had the same in November, and struck out. Saw a herd about a mile away, but they were gone by the time we hiked over there.

Buddy went in December and practically hit a herd with the truck in a foot of snow...

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