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Moose and calf euthanized after old lady gets too close, gets attacked
I don't agree with this at all. This lady got WAY too close, and the mama Moose got defensive and charged the woman.

according to the article...

"Due to an abundance of caution for human health and safety, wildlife officials euthanized the cow and calf."

xmad This is horrible. That moose and calf were in THEIR domain, and the Mama felt threatened. I just don't get why they didn't tranquilize and then relocate the pair safely?
Sounds like they euthanized the wrong female.

Same retards who are anti-hunting too.
People do stupid things and animals suffer.
My wife works at the animal shelter and gets to see it every day, its really sad that people are that stupid.
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When in doubt. JFC.

Reminds me of the IDIOT in in Yellowstone who tried to get a picture with a Grizzly cub and momma killed him. Reporter ended the article with "the bear in question is still at large. Authorities want to know why it was so aggressive."

Years ago a lady I worked with went to Yellowstone. She told me that while she was there some idiot got this idea that putting jelly on their kid's face would coax a bear to lick it off for a cute picture. Lucky for everyone a ranger put a stop to this insanity.

These are probably some of the same people that come up with the idea that hunting regulations, like spring bear hunting, should be voted on by the general public instead of being left up to the DOW.

One of the greatest fears politicians have is seeing an angry guy with lots of guns charging down the street, because they know he’s probably on his way to commit an act of voting.

So get this. Surprise, surprise, but the media in typical fashion failed to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them God.

On the 15th of July i took a nice day trip from Lakewood to Granby thru RMNP to estes and back home.

Stopped at the backcountry office to inquire about the backcountry permit for Longs. The ranger lady and I got to to talking and the story about the moose and the calf came up (she mentioned it).

Turns out the lady (friend of the ranger) had a dog who was being watched by a friend. She went to the friends house to pick up the dog and the Moose and her calf were sitting under a tree in the front yard. Lady went inside and waited for a while and the moose and calf didnt move.

So this lady gets tired of waiting after an hour and decides to try and make it to the car with the dog. The dog sees the moose and starts growling and the Moose charges.

Lady should have called the rangers and had them run the Moose off or come back later for the dog.
I've pretty much given up on "reporters" I don't know personally being sources of credible information.
It's rare for a reporter to actually make a statement that they know not to be true; it's far more common for them to just leave things out.

When we had the Smalley/Tagliere incident in Colorado Springs (a controversial defensive shooting), a lot of people angrily demanded to know why Smalley had not simply driven off when Tagliere began punching him through his opened car window. This went on for what seemed like weeks, in the pages of the Gazette. (This case was as argued over as the recent Zimmerman/Martin case, as many maintained Smalley had other choices than to shoot.)

When the trial was over, one of the jurors wrote a letter to the editor upbraiding the Gazette reporter for never pointing out that Tagliere had another carful of his friends with him and that car had blocked Smalley's vehicle in. He could not have done so, yet half of the community was howling that Smalley should have done it. And the reporter never mentioned it, even when it was clear that half of the community was leaping to conclusions because they didn't know it.
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(08-03-2013, 02:46 AM)Audrey Wrote: Lady should have called the rangers and had them run the Moose off or come back later for the dog.

Or just grabbed a pot and banged on it until the moose left. You just can't fix stupid.
A reporter told a lie? Absolutely shockedLaugh

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