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Help with Hunting and Open Space shooting locations?

I am new to CO, coming from the south. As you can imagine certain areas of this state are a complete culture shock for me. I have been into guns for maybe 10 years now.

After the ridiculous HB passed, and all of the 'incidents' I became worried about where I was going to shoot. I belong to one shooting club that has outrageous fees, and busy body rangemasters that, while in a very small room pacing back and forth back and forth, sometimes regularly interrupting shooters for whatever arbitrary reason.

I regret the membership. I guess it can be an easy access place to shoot but it in every sense takes the word 'fun' out of it for the most part.

This brings me to my next question which is probably sensitive, I am looking for an open space to shoot where people can bring pretty much whatever they want thats legal, and a perk would be a nice hill for a backstop.

I want to teach my girlfriend to shoot without having every lane next to me full, a range master pacing so much I constantly bump into him when I back up, and also people who know that if you stick your arms out far enough, your casings are jumping the lane and hitting me in the face after bouncing off my wall.

I want the freedom and enjoyment I had when I was in the south of driving into the middle of nowhere(accessible by car, though) and just going to town, while also cleaning up after yourself... though I'm sure people would love certain brass types left behind.

I also want to start hunting here and have no idea where to start. All of this feels incredibly futile at this point and I feel like I'm shoehorned into this metro range FLOODED with new shooters(which is fine) but the constant amount of people and busybody rangemasters just ruins it for me and my girlfriend who is a new shooter.

I realize these are sensitive questions so feel free to PM me or if you're bold post here, not sure if anyone even talks about this stuff on here anymore. I was directed here by a google search looking for exactly what I'm asking about.
First of all welcome to the forum and to Colorado. I think I can answer your questions but will give other members a chance first.
Where can you carry? Check the editable COGO Carry Map
When in doubt. JFC.

(05-06-2013, 10:00 PM)Beau Wrote: First of all welcome to the forum and to Colorado. I think I can answer your questions but will give other members a chance first.

Thank you! No luck yet...
as far as shooting, not sure where you can go that is free, I have not been shooting in to long. Prices are to high to waste on targets!! LOL, but hunting is pretty easy, if you have not already gotten your hunters safety than you need to get that, then you are legal to hunt!! Every year by April you must have you "draw" choice in, then they do the draw for the following season, if you do not draw for the permit you wanted, a lot of times they have over the counter tags you can get. Pick up a 2013 hunting book from the local sporting goods store, or you can go to the local DOW office and get one, it will tell you all the rules and regs and they change so read it EVERY year!! Good luck and hope this helps some!
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There are a couple of places you can head to for shooting. One is a bit of a drive the other is fairly close(roughly an hour from Denver).
Camp Fickes (Buffalo Creek Gun Club) is just outside Bailey. Fun place to shoot. Just have to go on the weekends when it is open to the public. Costs $15 for a day pass / $25 for family (9am to 4pm).
The second spot is outside of Hot Sulfur Springs. Byers Canyon Rifle Range. It is a public range that is only open during the summer(should be open now). Like Buffalo Creek you have to bring your own targets. No bowling pins or breakable targets though. If you call Division of Wildlife they will help you with any questions you may have.
You can target shoot on most National Forest land. Only issue there is you should have a small game license with you as DOW will think you are poaching and it can get really sticky from there. Again you can contact DOW and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

As for hunting. There is not enough room on this thread to discuss all the opportunities for hunting in this state. It might be better to ask," what would you like to hunt?"
I have been hunting in this state since 1979 (when I was old enough to hunt) and I hunt everything that I can so I might be able to provide some direction for you.
The first concern I have about hunting is "where", and, Will I need to belong to some club? Pay absolutely ridiculous fees? Etc...

The posts just seem to reaffirm that I probably can't find any open land in this ever turning anti gun state where I won't get in some kind of trouble. I've read many stories about BLM officer harassment, and the confiscation of firearms.

So me with my "black rifle"(one of many guns) with what will be an "ILLEGAL CLIP!!" (magazine, after July 1st) may attract unwanted attention and if I am to go by recent accounts, my guns can be taken for absolutely no reason. I'd just wait a really long time to get them back.
There is tons of public areas to hunt. You have to submit for big game to get areas that limited draw. Otherwise you can buy an across the counter bull elk tag or a leftover tag from the list that comes out in July. As for birds there is a ton of SWA and WIA (state wildlife and walk in properties). Just do youself a favor and take a ride to the DOW headquarters on Broadway and talk to the officers there. They can be really helpful.

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