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satellite dish as a target
I thought this might be a good idea but not completely sure its safe.

I work as a technician for a major Satellite TV provider and take down/replace dishes almost every day. At the end of our shifts we just throw the old dishes in the dumpster. I think they might make a good target especially if I make a stencil to spray paint a pattern on them.

The dishes are made of a thin but sturdy stamped aluminum and have a slight concave. I'm sure any round above a 22 should be able to puncture right through it but would like to hear some other opinions.

A .22 would punch through them as well. Like any reactive or hardened target there may be splashback. Fire away, stay safe.
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When in doubt. JFC.

Any chance I could buy a few of those? PM me if so. I'd pay a few bucks each since they're just scrap anyway you could make some change from them

I may shoot mine, TV is getting way too expensive. Probably should take it down first though.
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