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When in doubt. JFC.

Liked and shared some vids!

Liked. I was the first one.
No, I liked it awhile ago just never posted that I did!Bacondance
(01-04-2013, 03:52 PM)Lead Junkie Wrote: Liked. I was the first one.

Got a wife and kids in Baltimore jack, i went out for a ride and never went back. BS

Just liked the page and posted this:

Sent this message via the NRA email and letter printing service to all my representatives. PLEASE make your voice heard Coloradans! Keep the protection of yourself and family a right and not a privilege at -

Subject: Protect our Second Amendment Rights!

Dear Colorado representatives,

I want to express my deepest anger and shock toward positions concerning Gun Laws and Gun Restrictions that some of you have taken.
It is in the evidence that magazine capacity has nothing to do with the rate or volume in which crime occurs. Please stop your ridiculous bills with aims that don't make effective moves towards making communities safer. It's political standing 101; Quoted from the bill of rights, Amendment-2: "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." That is as strait forward as can be. That means no law shall be enacted to keep people from protecting themselves. If this isn't enough for you to keep your hands off the second amendment, know that according to the Supreme Court and Colorado law (Ex: Gonzales vs Castle Rock) the police are NOT required or obligated to protect you. By the law of the land you are the only one who can legally protect yourself.
I am an Afghanistan veteran and was in charge of protecting hundreds people’s lives on a daily basis and now you don't trust me to protect my own life the way I see fit simply because you don't like to listen to facts? This is not acceptable and as a veteran of this country I will do everything and anything in my power to stop you from infringing my god given rights.
Please do not hamstring the citizens that you represent by taking away the tools they use to protect themselves and their families.

P.S. The great thing about facts is you don't have to believe in them for them to be true.

- A concerned veteran and Colorado citizen
I'm also a retired vet, I will not stand by while our government like you said INFRINGING ON OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. All of the gun owners I have talked to if you try an take our guns or come to our houses for an ileagle ispection the gun owners will come down on you like rain in a forest. I did not fight for gun control in the army, I fought to protect our right to keep my guns and I will do any thing it takes to defend the 2nd Amendment, DO NOT INFRING IN ANY WAY! Draw
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Why are all those counterfit visas and passports ads doing in a gun forum? Please get rid of them.

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