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Estate Inheritance Sale - Tons of NIB Ammo ++
I inherited a bunch of ammo and reload components from my Uncle, who was an avid gun enthusiast and reloader. He took great care of all of his gun stuff, so everything is in good condition. I am listing all of the ammo for sale on this thread, and cross posting bullets/led, primers, used/new brass, gun powder, and ammo cans for sale in other threads. I am not super saavy with pricing out gun stuff but this community seems to look out for each other to not get low balled.

Please make me your best offer on some or all of the list below, as well as all of the other components that might work well together.

75x - 12-gauge 3x Boxes Peters Heavy Target Loads Plastic shotgun shells 2 3/4 length, 3 DR. EQ. 1 1/8 oz shot, 7 1/2 shot, PT 12M-7 1/2
75x - 12-gauge 3x Boxes Remington Express Plastic Sheels "Kleanbore" Priming, SP 12-3 3/4-1 1/4-6, 2 3/4 in, "Power Piston" For extra power
50x - .38 Special Peters Police Match 148gr, wad cutter, "kleanbore" priming,
44x - .38 Special Western Super Match, Mid-Range Match (oilproof), 148gr, Lead clean cutting
60x - 44 Magnum 3x Boxes Hornady Leverevolution,225gr, 92782, muzzle 1410 fps, 50 yds 1240, 100 yds 1111
20x - 44 Rem Mag 225gr DPX, velocity 1350fps, energy 911 ft/lbs, deep penetrating
50x - 44 Magnum CCI Blazer, 240gr JHP
Approx 1500 Pellets - 2 Boxes 500 Daisy unopened, The Minuteman approx 500, Crosman Super Pells approx 100, .177 cal (4.5mm) lead
Over 515 BB rounds - Revelation Copper Plated BB Shot 003464

Dropbox folder of tons of pictures

Cash only! Prefer local pickup in Colorado Springs, but am open to shipping at buyer cost. See attached photos and text or message me with any questions.

Other Estate Sale items:

New/Used Brass
Gun Powder
Ammo Cans

Thanks for looking!


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