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New to COS, SRS Covert, and Long Range Shooting

Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself. I'm a recent transplant from Orygun seeking to learn precision/sniper technique while utilizing a new-in-box Desert Tactical Arms SRS bullpup .308 Gun accessories (8X32 56mm Sightron optics, GGG bipod), not yet installed. Looking for beginner training at a range in the Colorado Springs area with patient accompllished marksman. Beer and ammo included. Thanks for your consideration

Russell Moss
Colorado Springs 80951
Do not know of anyone in the Springs area, but that Bullpup sounds awsome, and I am a little jelous!
Do you have any pics of it you could post, befor and then after all the accesories?
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You might find someone at one of the CMP shoots, the next one is this Saturday (tomorrow), at the Falcon Frontier Sportsmans range:

It's open to the public, and there should be some shooters (or at least people who know some with skills!)

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