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CBI Denial
(07-12-2017, 05:01 AM)divorceattorneys Wrote: Hey all,

I recently went to purchase a rifle that I had ordered in at an area sporting good shop. I filled out the background check the same as I always have and after a few hours (there were lots of checking being ran that day) I got a call from them saying I had been denied and that they had a paper for me to send it to see why I had been denied.
So of course I have done that and am now awaiting their response in the the mail. I have looked through all of the CBI's info and I meet none of the criteria for being denied so i'm sure this is a paper work error that i'm going to have to get corrected. I also just recently started a new job at which they ran a full background check (thought the same agency) and everything was fine. Also I had purchased a firearm back in July 08 and several more earlier in the year with no issues at all. So whatever is messed up has happened recently (within the last 2 months).
My question for you all is how many of you have wrongfully been denied and how long did it take to get it all straightened out? I had to buy the rifle because it was special ordered so now it setting at the shop waiting for me to either get this all fixed or tell them to sell it so i can get my money back....
Sorry this is so long Im just really frustrated at the whole process and worry about how long its going to take me to get this corrected. I checked my credit and even ran a CBI report on my self to see if they have a record of anything and the report didn't even know who I was, so I don't think I have to worry about Identity Theft at least. Any ideas and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks All

It's possible that you somehow match some criteria (name, etc.) to an actual prohibited person. The first thing is to figure out the reason of the denial - sounds like they are sending that to you shortly. After that, you can address accordingly, often needing to get a 2A-friendly and experienced attorney.
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