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Help in Golden, CO
Can't help you in-person (as I moved back from CO to TX temporarily) but were I you, I'd consider taking more serious action, especially if he isn't getting back to you as you may never get your gun back otherwise (let alone what you paid to have done on it). And IMO, someone who has my property but no longer is authorized to have it -- that's theft.

Are you prepared to play hardball if need be? Meaning, things like:

-- submit a formal complaint to the Colorado BBB on this guy
-- submit a formal complaint to the Colorado Attorney General's Office
-- if that fails to get results, take him to JP/Small Claims Court?

...not to mention all the "negative adverting" he'll get in forums like this one -- I know *I* wouldn't do business with "MJ Tulo Gunmakers" after hearing your story!

NOTE: This forum is REALLY "slow" -- hardly anyone posts or even reads here anymore (and for years now). I just happened to see your message, but there are only a handful (maybe less!) of people who MIGHT see your message. Still, I hope someone can help you.

I guess at worst, you could hire a (reputable) Private Detective in Golden to check out what's up with this guy and/or if he's still in business...if you can afford more expense. I mean, he has your gun ($$$) and what you paid him to do on it ($$$) and on top of that, you may need a detective's help ($$$). You could be in the hole (loss) for $$$$.

I HOPE someone here can check on him in-person. I'd do it for you were I still there (lived in COS) -- as I've gone to Golden on occasion -- but can't do that now. Maybe someone else here can.

If not, I'd be looking up Private Detectives in the Golden area...check their reviews/ratings first, don't choose another "Michael J Tulowitzki" for help! ;-)

BTW, if you NEVER get your gun back, report the gun's Serial Number to the Golden Police, telling them you don't know WHO has it but YOU don't anymore! You want to CYA in case your gun is used for something "unauthorized" (!) and as well, let the cops know your gun may be "at risk" somewhere out there on the street. Also, with the SN they can see if the gun turns up in a pawn shop or whatever (but I hope not).

Good luck...
El Paso, TX
(formerly Colorado Springs CO and Galveston TX)

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