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Current and future gun attitudes in CO?
IMO, part of the problem is what a real "Republican" is nowadays. What does that mean? What are their values/beliefs, the "planks" in their political platforms that make a Republican politician different than a Democrat politician (or a Libertarian, for that matter)? Are these held to be the very same/universal among all Republicans or, can they vary among them yet still be "acceptably Republican?"

If so-called "Republicans" can't accept the whole package (whatever it means to be Republicans), maybe they should either change parties or get kicked out of the party (have their "card" pulled). We all know about the disgraceful RINOs, but for Republicans who claim to be "staunch" they're behavior is all but "staunch." And why do other Republicans let their "colleagues" get away with such things?

As for gov't officials being afraid of the public, for many years now I've said the only reason any government should be afraid of its own people is when that government is up to NO GOOD towards its own people. So...what "no good" is the Colorado State Gov't up to?  A rhetorical question, if you will. ;-)

Will there come a point where MASS "civil disobedience" (CD) of some law(s) be used, as a last resort if politicians/voters can't change anything via "due/routine political process?" But CD would only work if huge numbers of CO gun-owners/carriers would participate. Given their lack of participation this far, it's not likely CD will work except on an individual basis (the stronger among us here and there)...but individuals can be dealt with easily (by "the authorities) as they occur. CD only works if large numbers of people participate so "the authorities" are overwhelmed.

Oh well, forget THAT then. I don't have any more "brilliant" ideas for CO...sorry! ;-)
El Paso, TX
(formerly Colorado Springs CO and Galveston TX)

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