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Current and future gun attitudes in CO?
Yes, the gun-owners of CO deserve any tragic fate that befalls them, primarily for "lack of interest" in the subject. But just saw some GOOD NEWS today -- which I hope is not only temporarily:

"No permit conceal carry" has passed the CO State Senate, even if by a hair. Has to get through the House. And then Hickenlooper has to sign it.

Okay...never mind...don't know WHAT I was thinking! ;-)

Still, if CO can hold out until the next Governor election, and elect a serious (not RINO) Republican, then maybe things can get back on track.

When I left CO (early September 2016), I was very disappointed (still am) in the lazy/apathetic gun-owners AND gun-carriers there. Yet when I left I knew that moving back to CO was always a possibility. Besides, if ALL conservative voters leave CO, then the liberals will have it TOO easy, yes?

But you know, we have PLENTY of the VERY SAME lazy and apathetic gun-owners/carriers here in the "Great" state of TX, and NM as well. Not sure about AZ though, but even THERE in Constitutional-Carry AZ maybe very few are willing to get involved actively.

So I'm thinking the next Governor election in CO should give us a clue which way the state is going...especially if the current "no permit required" bill fails -- even though it's nice to at least SEE some pro-gun stuff getting pushed I must say -- and there is NO high-capacity mag ban repeal.

Or maybe in the meantime -- so we don't have to WAIT too long -- we can RECALL Hickenlooper? That's what happened to 3 of the legislators who pushed the mag-ban. Why not recall the sorry Governor? Is that legally possible in CO? Even if it's a long-shot (!) we really don't know how many people would sign the recall petition...maybe more than we'd think? Then in the end it'd come down to the actual voting.

At least it'd show SOME Coloradans were trying to challenge the blue tide -- even if only with a few (but well-filled) sandbags. ;-)

-- cloudcroft
(President, Open Carry El Paso)
El Paso, TX
(formerly Colorado Springs CO and Galveston TX)

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