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Constitutional Carry
(04-06-2018, 12:17 PM)DailyCarry0325 Wrote: Anyone have a quick update on how the bill to repeal the "no concealed carry in public schools" law is going this year? I don't have school age children, but right now that might be my biggest concern if I did.

...I was at a niece's school play in March, in the play the kids decided (and somehow the "responsible adults" approved) to use a prop cap gun for dramatic effect in some of the scenes. You would not believe, or maybe you would believe how startled the entire audience was each time the cap gun was fired.

I think in Colorado, preserving or gaining back more of our constitutional firearms rights is going to be an uphill battle for a very long time. But in the mean time it would be great if adults who we are entrusting our children's safety to on a daily basis in schools are not reinforcing bad cultural behaviors. Because just like drinking with some friends at a high school party seems to very often lead to teens drunk driving, the same should be realized for the use of a gun prop IN A SCHOOL PLAY (or content in movies, video games, music/music vidoes) will lead to the violent adolescent mis-use of firearms.

..Just a short rant I guess, kind of went in a different direction than this forum thread's intention maybe? I'm just tired of and extremely fed up with the current use of kids in the media to push political agenda's against the 2nd amendment. ADULTS need to take responsibility to decide what new safety measures ADULTS will implement so that other ADULTS can adequately protect the children.

At one time in my life, I believed that individuals COULD change craziness by local officials (e.g., your local school officials) by being active in local politics (e.g., voting your school board members out of office).  I suspect that you'd find more than one public employee drawing a taxpayer paycheck and pension (school board member, teacher and administrator) tell you in one breath that they are opposed to political correctness and are pro-2nd Amendment, but in the next breath tell you why kids can't have a plastic gun in a school play.  I'm stumped about how to change that and join your rant.

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