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What to do immediately after a self-defense shooting
(03-14-2015, 06:38 AM)PhilaBOR Wrote: I WOULD NOT REACH FOR MY GUN TO PUT IT DOWN AS THE POLICE ARRIVE!!!  Unless I wanted to get shot. If you're sure the threat is ended you may put the gun down before the police get there. I think I would re-holster in case the threat arises Terminator-like or his friends arrive. When the cops get there I would OBEY THEIR COMMANDS. If there is an opportunity I would start by telling them I have a permit, then where my weapons are on my body.

Not REACHING for your gun is a given. This is in the narrow case where the police arrive while the gun is in your hands AND you have a chance to put it down before they have guns trained on you (like as the first car drives up).

The OBEY THEIR COMMANDS might not be as easy as it sounds. Three cars drive up, cops pile out of each and simultaneously give the orders: “Don’t move!”, “Drop the gun!” and “Get down on the ground!”

Now what? The answer is “don’t move” until the three of them sort out who’s giving the orders. If they continue to give conflicting commands, you’re already in a no win situation and you might start replying “Just one of you give orders and I’ll comply!” or somesuch. But things will be looking pretty grim for you at that point anyway.

When seconds count, the police are mere minutes away...
They'll never take your "hunting rifle", they'll call it a "sniper rifle" first.
Gun registration is gun confiscation in slow motion.
Zero failures comes at infinite cost.
You are the FIRST responder. Police, fire and medical are SECOND responders.
By eliminating fear of guns you'll put fear back in criminals.

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