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What ya carry?
Anyone into knives? What is your carry, brand, type, etc. right now I'm on an Emerson kick, using a mini commander and a horseman atm. Also big into Spyderco, not too hard to be because the SFO is right here in Golden. So what's in your pocket?

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I own and carry a Benchmade Barrage, which for a while there had a broken autoassist. I was able to open the thing up (yes, I know I voided the warranty, but it was worth the risk to avoid the hassle of shipping) and on my second attempt restore the functionality. If anything the autoassist works better than it did before.
Known as SteveInCO on national fora (changed it here because "in Colorado" is the default).

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Hey right on! I have 2 Benchmade's, a mini Stryker liner lock, and a Barrage as well, which I'm pretty sure my dad has adopted permanently. He likes assited openers because of his aging hands. I usually de-assit any knife I have that's assited as long as it has a closed detent. I take all my knives apart, warranty be dammed! I have a Spyderco Bayou Shooter (a waved Endura) I took apart last night for the first time. Stripped one screw and fought the lock back sping for an hour until I could get it back together right! Now I'll have to make a trip to the SFO to get a new screw...... And probably end up with another knife!
Given the numbers of people who de-assist their benchmade knives, one would think they'd simply offer their models both with or without. (I know they offer unassisted knives like the Griptilian, but I hear about people getting a Barrage then de-assisting it, so clearly there's something about the Barrage they want that isn't available elsehow.)
Known as SteveInCO on national fora (changed it here because "in Colorado" is the default).

CZ-75, Glock 20, Mossberg 590, S&W M&P AR-15, PTR-91, DSA FAL, Springfield M1A... and lots of other goodies.
I think Kershaw is the best with the assist, which they call Speed Safe. They actually prefer you replace the torsion bar yourself and will send them to you free of charge. Of course they will do it for you too if that's not your thing, also at no charge except for your shipping it in. They pay for the return. Pretty cool. Many of their knives can run either way if it comes assited originally, but some don't. My favorite Kershaw model is the Knockout and without the bar the blade has no tension in the closed position. Also a good mention is many of the Kershaw models are 100% USA made.
I have a few Spyderco and Benchmade knives. This site has pretty good articles on guns and some knives if you are interested in Spyderco.
Personally I use a Kershaw Leek. Steel is softer, but holds an edge long enough and is easier to sharpen. For EDC it might not be the best due to the lack of grip, but I use a Kabar TDI for defense on the belt. However the Leek is just a perfect fit in my pocket and is thin and discreet which I like considering my pockets tend to pull their weight and I try to keep the clutter down.
I carry a large Kabar TDI with the half serrated blade and a Cold Steel Secret Edge that's been modified to resemble a blood shark for defense. I don't carry a pocket knife.

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I'm trying to make this one work:

I have it already (gift from an old army buddy of mine). I just have to get the carry mode/scabbard to work. The size, thickness, and shape are perfect for me in my state.
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Haven't been on in a bit, hope this post finds everyone well. Reading the replies, many great blades being carried. I have a small and large tdi, but I haven't carried one in a day. My small tdi has a custom sheath and wood scales, kind of a classy looking sd blade. I have been carrying the Cold Steel XL Voyager series as of late, the Vaquero and tanto versions.

I've found myself into traditional knives lately, have been exploring Case and GEC.

Edit: 6/17: just picked up a Case jr sodbuster in the blue workmans series to match my full size soddie. Great knives for the price.
Hey auto knives at least are leagle now!
Since my EDC knife is for self-defense only (Plan A or Plan B, depending on the circumstances of an event) -- NEVER used for opening packages, envelopes or peeling apples, etc. -- it must always be as sharp as possible and be instantly deployable with one hand only...preferably already deployed when it comes out of the pocket.
The best knife I've found (a folder) that does this for me is the Fox DART (Tanto blade)...designed by Doug Marcaida and made in Italy by Fox Knives (blade is N690Co steel).
I carry a 2nd knife -- a tiny Victorinox/Swiss Army -- for all other everyday uses (mentioned above).
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Same old spyderco tenacious for like 3-4 years. Might get a “better” spyderco if I lose it someday.

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It's been a while since I've checked in. Some nice knives people are carrying. Here's my latest. [Image: 7232ffb629975e3d9553fb238d353fd0.jpg]

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