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New to the Springs - Rak320 - 08-27-2017

Hey Y'all.

I'm just getting here to the Fort Carson/Springs area from Fort Campbell, KY.

I sure don't miss the humidity, but a little more oxygen would be nice.

I'm an active USPSA member, reloader and tactical shooter.


New to the Springs - GeorgeandSugar - 08-29-2017

Welcome to Colorado! HOOAH!

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RE: New to the Springs - JackRock - 08-29-2017

Fort Campbell. I missed it by THIS much!

Welcome to Colorado. And GO ARMY!

RE: New to the Springs - O2HeN2 - 09-05-2017

>>I'm an active USPSA member...

Welcome! This should get yoiu started with USPSA here on the Eastern slope!


RE: New to the Springs - Will1776 - 09-07-2017

Welcome! Just got to Colorado as well.