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Long Distance Precision Shooting - MadAstronaut117 - 05-20-2017

Hey all,
Over the last year I’ve fallen in love with precision shooting and I’m looking for a place to work on my long-range shooting skills. I like to shoot out on state land near Lake George but can only shoot about 400yards at my favorite spot. I’m wanting to shoot out to 1000 yards or as close to that as I can get and was wondering if anyone on here owns property, or someone who does, where I could shoot that distance. I’m willing to pay for the opportunity. I also make ammo so we could work out some sort of deal with that if you prefer. Feel free to message me, I would greatly appreciate it!

RE: Long Distance Precision Shooting - Lead Junkie - 05-20-2017

I wish I had that kind of distance.

The only place I know that has a 1000 yard range is Colorado Rifle Club, located North of Byers.

RE: Long Distance Precision Shooting - Plancaers - 11-14-2017

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