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Tax stamp - bstoker87 - 03-30-2016

I'm in the process of getting the paper work in order for a gun I am putting together that runs a 10.5 barrel, any one that has dealt with this and has some helpful info please post up or send a PM.


RE: Tax stamp - O2HeN2 - 03-30-2016

Trust or individual? If trust, eform or paper form 1?


RE: Tax stamp - bstoker87 - 03-30-2016

This is a tax stamp for individual using a form 1.

Like anything else you read and hear a lot of things and recently the topic of a trust has caught my interest but with the changes coming for them, it kind of turned me away until I can get a concrete answer on what is exactly is happening with them.

RE: Tax stamp - O2HeN2 - 03-31-2016

Trusts will be incredibly painful in a month or two. I have one, but anything I acquire beyond 41P becoming law of the land will be done as an individual. Exactly what the ATF wanted to happen. :(

Assuming an AR platform and filing as an individual for the moment...

I like to make sure a lower works before I invest in engraving and a stamp. To do this, build it up as a pistol first and make sure it runs.

Then I like to get it engraved before I submit the paperwork to make sure the engraving isn't botched. If you wait for the stamp, then get it engraved and they botch it, you have to get it engraved again and it ends up looking like $#!+. This way if they botch it you can always buy another lower and do it again.

Engraving consists of your name (as you'd enter the information on your form 1 and sign it), city, state and caliber. Personally I'd fill out and sign the form 1 with only my first and last name to keep things short. Abbreviations are allowed only for city and state, and ONLY recognized post office abbreviations (found in appendicies B & C here). For example if you live in "Lake Shore, Colorado" you can engrave that, or "Lake Shore, CO" or even "LK SHR, CO" -- all valid USPO abbreviations. If you live in Shambala Ashrama, CO you need to spell it all out. "Sham Ash" may get you your mail, but the ATF won't like it. To hedge my bets, I always spell out the city and abbreviate the state (Lake Shore, CO).

For caliber you need only the bullet diameter, not the full cartridge designation (9mm, not 9x19mm, 5.56mm, not 5.56 NATO). If a specific caliber is already engraved by the manufacturer (.223, 9mm, whatever -- and it matches the caliber you're building) you do not need to engrave it again. If it isn't (for example "Multi") or you're building a different caliber than the one engraved by the manufacturer (300 blackout on a 5.56 lower) you need to engrave it. For clarity I've always done "Caliber: 9x19mm" (for example). You can engrave the full cartridge designation if you like (in the example, 9x19mm), but when it comes to filling out the form 1, they only want the diameter on the paper (9mm).

Note that you need to specify a caliber, "Multi" is not acceptable.

Enough for now. I'll cover the Form 1 later.


RE: Tax stamp - bstoker87 - 03-31-2016

Thanks a ton on the info, very useful. I have the lower built and will probably try it out on one of my other guns first before sending the paper work in.

RE: Tax stamp - O2HeN2 - 04-01-2016

How to measure for the form 1:

Barrel length: Fully insert a bolt into the upper until it goes into battery. With no flash hider/compensator/suppressor attached to the front of the barrel, drop a dowel down the muzzle until it rests on the bolt face, mark the dowel, remove it and measure from the end of the dowel to the mark.

Overall length: On the lower extend the stock if it's collapsible (yes, you measure with the stock fully extended). Measure from the rear of the stock to the pivot pin. On the upper measure from the pivot pin hole to the muzzle (again, no flash supressor, etc.). In reality you measure along the barrel to directly above the pivot hole. Eyeball it, that'll be close enough. Add the two lengths together to get the overall length. Putting the two pieces together to measure without the stamp in hand is a felony. Leave it to the government to require a measurement that's a felony to get.

Now give your upper or the barrel to someone that does not own any ARs to hold until you get your stamp. This keeps you above reproach (or, as I previously suggested, get a pistol tube for the lower).


RE: Tax stamp - O2HeN2 - 04-01-2016

Fingerprints and pictures:

Haven't done either in quite awhile (trust).

But to make sure you use the correct fingerprint cards, order half a dozen (so mistakes can be made without having to request more) from here: Distribution Center Order Form.

The police do not have to do your fingerprints. There are companies that will do fingerprinting for company background checks, etc. Call around, compare prices.

Any place that does passport photos can do your picture if you don't want to do it yourself. I'm an AAA member, most offices (if not all) will do passport photos for a small fee.


RE: Tax stamp - bstoker87 - 04-03-2016

I have most of the paper work filled out but im honestly thinking about getting the cheek rest pistol butt stock and just putting my slide fire stock on something else.