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Prairie Dog Hunting - lazypengu1n - 03-29-2016

Looking to do some Prairie Dog hunting. Hoping I can find someone here that has a pest problem and needs some help with it or if anyone is going hunting and looking for company.

From Boston, MA so I would have to fly out. Just seeing what's out there as the outfitters are cost prohibitive at the moment for me.

Please let me know, PM me any information.


RE: Prairie Dog Hunting - Atubz - 07-06-2018

No idea about the prairie dog hunting, may be someone else can help you.

Prairie Dog Hunting - rootbrain - 07-10-2018

Prairie Dog hunting?? I've never had to hunt a prairie dog, just walk out to a field with lunch and a chair. When they stick they little heads outta the hole, POP POP!

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