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Cheap IWB holster - DenverGP - 06-17-2013

Picked up one of the IWB holster kits from Old Faithful holsters. Ordered it about 2 weeks ago. The order confirmation showed it would ship out 6/20. Got it last friday, so quicker than their estimate.

Kit was complete, with the pre-molded Kydex that perfectly fit my SR9C, and very nice soft leather. I've only worn it a few times so far, but it's very comfortable, and conceals very nicely.

Kit was about $40 shipped using their veterans discount.

RE: Cheap IWB holster - NealS - 02-06-2018

I would say that Clinger Holsters has the best kydex IWB holsters out.

RE: Cheap IWB holster - Lead Junkie - 02-19-2018

I'm wary of Kydex gun holsters. Then can bend easier in hot temps than injection molded. There is a thread on here about a buddy of mine who was shot in the leg because the holster had pushed inward inside the trigger guard and it engaged the trigger while holstering.